why i'm doing this

I take great delight in writing lyrics and creating music.

It gives me a deep satisfaction and the possibility to express my very own emotions in a somehow coded but also public way.

But it is more than this: The ancient book tells a story about an insane who predicted the end of the known world. I guess he wasn't the first and won't be the last... but (as expected) only few people believed him. Too late - everyone saw the desaster when it eventually happenedeventually happened. All of this is considered as "just a story" by most of the people. But I think it's more than this.

Jesus talked about the world's end some thousand years later and he related the very same Noah to the "end of days" that would arise just before his second coming. Well, that is the reason why Noah's vision is still valid for me. It inspired me to name the project after that interesting character, Noah.

still noah!

I definitely think there is going to be a similar event. This time it will be the last time. Who can tell when exactly? Well, Daniel and John gave some hints. So therefor I feel the need to raise my voice to tell the good story about mankind, a threat and a deceiver, a savior and the opportunity of entering an "arch". Everything can be alright.

it's a promise!

I think music can be minor invitation to get in contact with those thoughts. You can listen.. or listen and rethink. Well, you decide. Let's follow the great invitation to change sides and join the secret group of the saved and loved.

This has nothing to do with hysterical craving for sensation or any conspiracy theories, not with the movie "2012" either ;-) ... but with a simple decision to be humble. If you want to get details, drop me a note.