please disturb!

please disturb!

Released fall 2012.

Three dark songs about the dark sides of the world. Not amusing, but hearable. I truly think we're not capable to solve the problems that we caused. Nobody talks about that, but I guess everyone can sense it. Maybe that is the reason for not talking about. Sometimes I think that we're too proud to admit. But without admitting.. no help.

So the title "please disturb!" expresses the thought that somehow sometimes (this time?) we need someone who wakes us up from the sweet sleep of overestimation.

silence listen to it

I like silent moments. I even like longer periods of silence. But silence also can become a threat: Kill lover's love or a family's fellowship, destroy virtually every relationship. For I think that the core of religion and faith is staying in conversation with the "greater dimension", silence at the wrong time can choke a life of transcendence and spirituality to death. At least I - I need to keep talking and listening to God every day to stay alive.

titanic listen to it

More or less everyone knows the story of the Titanic. But geraldT pointed me to the details of the event by recommending to read the article on wikipediaarticle on wikipedia. At the very same time the Costa Concordia disasterCosta Concordia disaster happend. Strange "coincidences" happen sometimes.

credits for "please disturb!" more ...

This time there are fewer people to mention. Nevertheless all of them have been very important.

(little) lord of war listen to it

This song is inspired by the movie "lord of warlord of war" by Andrew Niccol. It is about the very unpleasant topic of selling weapons. I don't recommend the film, but the result of watching it was a deep feeling of helplessness against a machinery of power and money. Maybe this film is just a story, but somehow I fear that reality is not too far away (or is even worse).