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2020-07-17 Dance your life! We're serious! Read more ...

This can be your summer hit! We're proud to present our new track "Dance The Life" which is our contribution to make this summer a good time, despite of all the things going on. It's always a matter of how to look at things. If a closer look is taken, every life and everone is extraordinary. Nothing can be taken for granted. So let's enjoy what we have. We are created to be extrordinary.

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Fibonacci Blue from Minnesota, USA / CC BY (

2020-06-05 The USA seems on fire. Once again. Read more ...

What happened to George Floyd explains the rage that's coming to the streets of the big and not-so-big cities of the USA. And this is only one of many similar incident. In general – it seems - black US citizens are treated "less equal" than white people. Just looking at statistics. So protests are not only legitimate but imperative.

The new track by stillnoah features a number of US officials speaking about force and violence.

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2020-03-06 new stuff, new band, looking forward to the things to come Read more ...

More than two years have gone by since my last post. Wow! I guess you considered this project to be dead. We're happy to say that this is not the case. Not yet! Instead we work on going LIVE!

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2018-02-07 among other nice songs: stillnoah on Jamendo playlist of January 2018 Read more ...

Nice! Our song color the night was choosen to be in the "Best Of January 2018" playlist @Jamendo. Many other songs with different styles are on the list, and I think our track fits in in a special way. Thanks, Jamendo guys! Thanks you for pointing so many people to our music!

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2016-11-03 choose between evils? music text video Read more ...

Currently I'm staying the US. Therefor I have the possibility to witness the race for the White House office from the "inside". That is to some extend inspiring and disgusting at the same time.
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2016-08-09 Available now: stillnoah - the law of love

It took longer than expected, but finally we can announce the availability of or first "real" album.

As always you can listen to the songs on bandcamp, there it is also possible to download all tracks or specific ones. Go into details and read lyrics in the music section of this site. Any feedback is appreciated! 

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screenshot of globalrockstar website

2016-06-28 Voting is hard work! loving someone can be too.

Yesterday we finally published the our new song the law of love. You can watch it on youtube and Meanwhile we are also trying to get a decent facebook page. And I hope, these things will grow our audience within the next days and weeks.

We think this song needs some attention, not because of the song itself, but because we like to #ShareTheLawOfLove.

We also want to win some votes and stay in the contest. So please do us a favour! Register at and cast some votes for the song (it's possible twice a day). You can do that by using your facebook or twitter account, but also if you just sign up at the globalrockstar site.

Thanks a lot for your effort!

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2014-05-06 Contest? Everyone likes to win.

... maybe you like "get used to that", which I did together with my friend Josh. Or you like other any other song of me. Then it would be very nice of you to vote for still noah on the EuroMusic Contest 2014.

I appreciate that!

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2013-07-25 Look at that! Stasi & NSA Read more ...

I've just stubled upon this interesting visualisation.

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2013-07-24 What a mess! Read more ...

English is not my first language, so I hardly can express the anger I feel inside. But I think those surveillance programs, which Edward SnowdenEdward Snowden revealed over the last weeks, are a huge mess! That is too much! It's only small steps to a police state. Well, actually a this is about global surveillance.

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